Mango Lassi

3 minutes /
Mango Lassi
60 ml 2 oz Natural Yogurt
100 ml 3.5 oz Mango juice
25 ml 1 oz Honey
1 pinch of Cardamon powder
1 Lime wedge

1 Prepare

Find your cardoon and cut your lime wedge for garnish

2 Ice

Fill your glass and your shaker with cubed ice

3 Add ingredients

Add all the ingredients in the shaker.

4 Shake

Shake hard for 15 sec

5 Strain

Strain from your shaker into the glass over the ice.

6 Garnish

Garnish with your lime wedge and serve

Tasting profile


The Cocktail

A smooth classic Indian mocktail (a great twist on a milkshake) that comes in a range of flavor from salty to mint but in our opinion mango is the juiciest!   Bartender Tip: Make sure you shake this cocktail really well to really bind the flavors together (and hold on tight to the shaker!)
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Recommended Glass
Rocks glass